Reading: Creating Meaningful Conversations

By Michelle Syverson, MBUSD Literacy TOSA

Growing readers and writers is one of my passions. There is a magic to the experience of watching reading and writing come to life; witnessing growth, forming connections, and developing understanding are just a few pieces to this puzzle we call literacy. In 2010, MBUSD adopted the workshop method/pedagogy for reading and writing as a signature practice. I was on board from the start and eager to use this instructional practice in my classroom and learn all it had to offer. In the years to follow I received in-depth professional development which lead to: becoming a writing trainer of trainers for teachers, hosting teachers in my classroom to observe, serving on the district literacy committee, and, in the summer of 2017, becoming the K-12 MBUSD Literacy TOSA. MBEF not only funds this coveted position, but believes the work which offers literacy support to teachers, students, administrators and parents, is invaluable. → Read the rest of this article


The Manhattan Beach Education Foundation is a community driven fundraising organization, which supplements state funding for programs that inspire learning, enrich teaching, and promote innovation and academic excellence in the public schools of Manhattan Beach. It’s our goal to align our strategy with the priorities of parents, teachers and community members.

The MBEF Parent Survey is critical to our strategic direction and should only take 5-10 minutes of your time. Our target is 100% participation and the feedback you provide is anonymous. This survey will close on Thursday, February 1, 2018.

Please refer to the chart below for the current breakdown of program funding. Your input is essential to help us understand your educational priorities and guide our funding strategy for the next two years. Please click here to share your feedback.

MakerSpace Update

By Jason Marshall

Last spring, I was offered the opportunity to be the MakerSpace Coordinator for the esteemed Manhattan Beach Unified School District. The purpose of this role was to bring MakerSpace to life at all of the elementary campuses in a consistent and significant way. For those of you who are not familiar with the MakerSpace movement in schools across the country, MakerSpace is a hands-on, student-directed learning experience, where students see themselves as inventors, builders and creators. MakerSpace allows learning new skills through trial and error, experiencing failure of an initial idea, the exploration of possible alternatives and then problem solving to improve on the idea. MakerSpace is a more accessible touchpoint for STEM, and more specifically engineering, which allows teachers to better integrate science, technology, engineering, while fostering innovation and creative arts skills. → Read the rest of this article

Social Inclusion in MBUSD

By Kathleen Gibbons

Last October, MBUSD students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents submitted grant proposals addressing race and other topics related to developing an inclusive community. The goal was to inspire change and nurture a productive and honest dialogue in our schools.  “We hoped to broaden the conversation about diversity and empower people in our community who may feel silenced or stifled by the lack of representation,” said Malissia Clinton.  “Sometimes homogenous communities such as Manhattan Beach can be unwelcoming to those who don’t fit the typical profile – whether or not that’s intentional.” MBEF recently asked a few of the grant recipients to share their progress and experiences. → Read the rest of this article