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Top Five Things to Know about School Funding (3.20.13)

Our education funding system is complex and could be changing again in June. Here are five things you should know about it: Most of our money comes from the state. And most of the state’s money for schools comes from income tax (not property tax). Because income tax revenue fluctuates with the economy, our school… Read more »

Here’s to Elementary Science!

This year MBEF is proud to continue support for our district’s Elementary Science Progam – specifically, the Science Specialists at each of our five elementary schools. We sat in recently on one of their collaboration meetings, where they were working out the details of a future lab on Wet Cell Batteries. We talked with them… Read more »

Counselors: The Guiding Light for Costa Students

By Cindy McMahon “I gave up on school a long time ago….but with your help, now I am on my way to graduate. “ “You have always been on my side, never judging, always helping. You have influenced me to be a better student and person.” “You have found solutions to problems in my high… Read more »