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MakerSpace Update

By Jason Marshall Last spring, I was offered the opportunity to be the MakerSpace Coordinator for the esteemed Manhattan Beach Unified School District. The purpose of this role was to bring MakerSpace to life at all of the elementary campuses in a consistent and significant way. For those of you who are not familiar with… Read more »

Social Inclusion in MBUSD

By Kathleen Gibbons Last October, MBUSD students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents submitted grant proposals addressing race and other topics related to developing an inclusive community. The goal was to inspire change and nurture a productive and honest dialogue in our schools.  “We hoped to broaden the conversation about diversity and empower people in our… Read more »

“Raising Kids in our 24/7 Connected World”

By Lisa Solomon, Common Sense Media When we founded Common Sense more than a decade ago, Instagram, YouTube, and iPads didn’t even exist.  Since then, our kids have developed digital lives far more sophisticated than we would have ever imagined.  To help you tackle some of the challenges, I am sharing several key resources (all free)… Read more »

Understanding the MBEF Endowment

We often receive questions about our Endowment: Why does MBEF need to raise money when we have an Endowment? Where is my donation most needed – the Annual Appeal or Endowment? Why can’t we take funding from the Endowment to support this year’s Annual Appeal shortfall? While both MBEF and the MBEF Endowment support quality… Read more »

STEM at MBMS: Observations of a Parent

by Elizabeth Kunkee Many parents, like myself, see Middle School electives as a chance to encourage our children to engage in a non-academic subject that will enhance their joy in life. Band, Film, Wheel, Drama, Art…But what about science electives? Is the STEM class and the FabLab class a chance for “science kids” to double… Read more »