2016-17 Lead Donors

We’d like to express our profound gratitude to everyone who has contributed to MBEF’s 2016/17 Annual Appeal. We’d like to recognize families who’ve contributed $5,000 or more, and please note that Annual Appeal donors at all levels will be recognized in our printed Annual Report and Honor Roll. Your participation helps MBEF fund and advocate for a well-rounded, hands-on education that sparks creativity and emboldens every student’s enthusiasm for learning. Thank you!

This list reflects donations as of 3/10/2017.

Anonymous (7) Sarah and Robin Abraham
Leah and Christopher Adams Tammy and Stephen Anderson
Melinda and Eric Arentsen Kami and James Armstrong
Heather and Jason Averbook Lilette and David Ballantine
Holly and Anthony Barberi Andrea and Jeffrey Barker
Angela and William Barrick Beach Cities Health District
Camela Ott and Mark Bell Bennett Family
Kate and Timothy Bergin Claudia and Marzo Bernardi
Allison and Keith Biancamano Taryn and Richard Binder
Brandy and Rob Blake Michelle McDonald and Dan Blakey
Kelly and Bill Bloodgood Dolly and David Boden
Laura Thiers and Charles Boettcher Lillian and Mike Bohannon
Shannon and Terrence Boyle Elissa and Bob Brown
Stephanie and Brad Brutocao Jennifer and Steven Camacho
Melissa Capin-Lewis and David Lewis Antonia and David Carpenter
Lily Chang and Jeff Konsmo Chapin Family
Nadia and Jon Christensen Michelle and Jason Cobb
Jennifer and John Cochran Portia and Andrew Cohen
Michelle and Dave Cormack Crakes Family
Kimberly and Christopher Crisera Bonnie and Michael Darrow
Taree and Drew Davidoff Mary Alice and Tom Davidov
Lynn Hopton-Davis and Greg Davis Dirk and Heather de Roos
Heather and John Devereux Kristie Daniel-DiGregorio and Gino DiGregorio
Liz Donahue Mary and Jeff Donlevy
Natalie and Kevin Donnelley Monika and Lee Dover
Katie and Keenan Driscoll Sherolyn and Mike Duckworth
Katherine and Robert Dugdale Lorin Liesy and Doug Dust
Candice and Steve Edwards Karyn and Fritz Eilber
Piper and Dominic Engels Debera and Winston Fan
Jennifer and Christopher Fenton Lisa and Daniel Fetters
Jill and Brian Firring Linsay and Max Frank
Zoe and Mike Frank Barbara Franqui and Joseph Hevener
Kim and Jon Friedman Sarah and Ron Geller
Linda and Kyle Geoghegan Sandi and Michael Gleason
Deborah and Adam Goldberg Cathey and Tim Graves
Sene and Eric Gray Amanda and Heath Gregory
Arts & Sciences Investments Choel and Tim Harris
Julie and Daniel Hawkins Bethany and Chip Herwegh
Christina and Derek Holman Ellen and Mark Hotchkis
Joanne and James Hunter Justine and Andrew Hunter
Christine Cronin and Mark Hurst Trisha and Michael Husson
Hutter Family Karen and Ted Iantuono
Leasa and John Ireland Birgitta and Steven Istock
Nairi and Michael Jeppson Rose and Henry Johnson
Angela and Christopher Jones Kimberly and Robert Jones
Cindy and Michael Kaplan Kelly Baek and Dixon Karmindro
Kristine and Jean Claude Kawalec Rikki and David Keating
Lori and Jeff Keenan Erin Keller
Kelly and Garrett Kelley Mike and Anne Kelly
Emily and John Kennedy Dr. Chong Kim & Family
Melissa and Terrence Kim Ashleigh and Ryan Krauch
Cathy Krikorian Joan and Fred Krull
Suzanne and Jon Kubler Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Kwon
Lizzy and Mark Lahive Janet and Stephen Laver
Leslie and Richard Lee Charlotte and Russ Lesser
Julie and Mark Linnecke Jennie and Erik Linthorst
Lynch Family Hilary and Rob Mahan
Malik Family Maruyama Family
Laurie and Tom McCarthy Corina and Dave McGovern
Inez and Michael McKinnon Valerie and Paul Mellinger
Anicia Mendez and Adam Krikorian Marissa and Ben Messer
Sandra and Timothy Meyer Deanne and Steve Moore
Aaron and Monika Mugg Carolyn and Christopher Mukai
Mitzi Minamide and Hans Naepflin Charlyn and Scott Naylor
Nancy and Kevin Neal Mary Ruth and Jeff Newman
Shannon and Bob Nicholson Katy and Robert Nickell
Leah and David Niehaus Marie and John Olivas
Kirsten and Ian Olsen Jennifer and Ryan Ozar
Jennifer Garrett and Ashwin Patil Pennekamp PTA
Geraldine and Mazhar Pepemehmetoglu Dom and Meg Perella
Cynthia and Robert Perelson Ann and Spuds Powell
Tenley and Ben Prince Susan and Todd Purdy
Joni and Duilio Ramallo Frankie and Kevin Read
Sylvia Kohn-Rich and Eran Rich Carolyn and Neal Robb
Robinson PTSA Holly and Bryon Rockwell
Ellen and Mike Rosenberg Alison and Scott Rosenthal
Christine and JD Roth Neeraj and Sam Rotondo
Rachel Henderson and Douglas Rusnack Shannon and Christopher Ryan
Suzy and Mike Sadilek Whitney and Jonathan Sargent
Jeff and Jamie Schumacher Regan Scott and Carrie Scott
Dora and Jon Seiffer Birch Tree Properties LLC (Sepaher Family)
Lindsey and Luis Serrano Lisa Valde and Paul Severin
Jason and Jennifer Shamaly Azita and Soheil Shams
Kay and Sam Sheth Lan and Desmund Shirazi
Robin and Burt Siegelman SKECHERS
Fay and Mitch Sklar Smith Family
April and Roger Spencer Shauna and Michael Spenley
Dina and Kevin Stephens Tracy and Ken Stickney
Nicole and Andrew Stoddard Pat and John Sullivan
Kelly and Keith Sultemeier Support Manhattan Beach School Bonds 2016
Ms. Fran Sweeney Julie and Ron Tani
Amy and Stewart Thompson Jane and Tom Tournat
Amy and David Traughber Susan and Scott Trout
Susan and Craig Underwood Jennifer and Eric Van Fossen
Vandemore Family Heather and Marc Venegas
Jeri and David Vick Judy Fujimoto and Henrik von Buttlar
W.M. Keck Foundation Mariel and Remco Waller
Virginia Sogomonian and Rich Weiss Ann Marie and Rich Whitney
Jennifer and Peter Wilhelm Dr. James Wilson
Theresa and Will Wood Janet and Joseph Wyse
Joanne and Christopher Young Andrea and Michael Zislis