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Oh, The Places They Have Gone! MBEF’s 30 Under 30

By January 13, 2014eNews

 17.  From AP Chemistry to Improving Public Health


Expertise gained at Costa can apparently earn you friends at college.   “During my first semester, I was filling my water bottle in my dorm when two girls approached me. They told me that they had heard that I was really skilled at Chemistry, and asked for my help.” Shares Jennifer, MC’10.   Fortunately, the rumors were right as the Tulane University senior is indeed strong at Chemistry – a skill she credits to the fine teaching of Costa’s Mrs. Shales-Clark.  “I grabbed a paper towel and illustrated an elaborate flowchart on naming compounds and they finally understood the concepts.”  Four years later, Jillian and Steph are Jennifer’s best friends.    Jennifer is currently applying to medical school with the hopes of earning her M.D. and Master in Public Health in Epidemiology.








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