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Oh, The Places They Have Gone! MBEF’s 30 Under 30

By January 13, 2014eNews

27.  Making the World Laugh


“Fearless, funny, and straight from the heart,” says Robin Williams about up-and-coming comedian Mira Costa grad Chris Garcia.  As a writer, the University of California Berkeley graduate has worked as Editor for and contributed comic materials to numerous sites including Nick Mom and MSN.  He was recently on an episode of NPR’s This American Life, a heartwarming story that involves Mira Costa.  Chris also just joined the NHMC’s Writers program, an ABC and NBC sponsored intensive scriptwriters’ workshop that prepares Latinos for writing jobs at major television networks.  “The two Costa teachers that had the biggest impact on me were Bob Timberlake and Jon Mellis,” shares Chris.  “Model UN really helped me out of my shell and both teachers encouraged me to express my point of view and to strive for more.”




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