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Oh, The Places They Have Gone! MBEF’s 30 Under 30

By January 13, 2014eNews

andrew beats

 9.  Improving the “Beats” of Music

ANDREW WOLOZ, Beats by Dre

At Costa, Andrew Woloz, MC’08, developed a passion for music from playing in bands and attending concerts.  When the California Polytechnic graduate realized becoming a rock star wasn’t quite in the cards, he sought opportunities to combine his love of music with making money.  A dream internship with Apple’s iTunes team piqued the interest of an astute recruiter for Beats by Dre.   At Beats, Andrew is working as a music programmer on Beats Music, the world’s first curated music streaming service.  “Manhattan Beach schools positively impacted me.  The faculty inspired me to try my best and continually push myself outside my limits,” shares Andrew.  “I definitely would not be where I am today without my Manhattan Beach K-12 education.”



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