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By May 15, 2014eNews

Dear MBEF Supporters,

We’ve had a busy month in our district. MBEF hired a new ED, Mira Costa Music Department won a GRAMMY, MBUSD’s Superintendent disclosed an accounting error, MBUSD and MBUTA settled on an employment package for 2014-15 and our Wine Auction sold out in 10 hours. All the while, MBEF volunteers and staff have been working tirelessly to raise additional funding to bring more powerful programming to our schools. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support of our schools.

MBEF takes great pride in ensuring that the grants for programs that we support are effectively implemented. This year we have covered the cost of more than 70 district staff – including investments in reading, writing, math, music, science labs, libraries, smaller class sizes, counselors and more. As a result of your donations, MBEF will continue to support these programs next Fall.

The MBEF Board of Directors and staff take fiscal responsibility seriously because we know our greatest value to this community is to be reliable stewards of your donations. On this note, we are happy to say that no MBEF funds or grants were touched by the recent accounting error. In addition, MBEF’s Board and staff are working towards making sure that our role in any fiscal transaction remains transparent and above reproach.

This is an exciting time for our schools. After five straight years of cuts from Sacramento, we have a greater hope for a stable financial platform from which we can grow and expand our impact on our students’ education and future. This year we are embarking on an effort to more clearly define our vision and provide the most effective support we can to our school district. Among the steps we are taking is soliciting input and feedback on specific topics from all our stakeholders, so please stay tuned.

As always, we welcome your ideas, questions and/or concerns, so please don’t hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Farnaz Flechner at 310-303-3342 or [email protected].


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