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Donate Stock to Double Up on Tax Benefits

By December 15, 2014eNews

By Charles Boettcher, MBUSD Parent

As a father of two children in the MB school district, two children that greatly benefit from the tremendous support MBEF provides to our schools, I am happy to support the foundation each year. Most of us do so with cash, either writing a check, or using a credit card. I’m here to suggest you consider an alternative way of giving: Donating stock.

Donating stock can benefit you (the giver), benefit MBEF, and it’s easy. As the person who is making the contribution, you can avoid taxes on the gain (appreciation in value) and the total amount of your contribution may be eligible for a tax deduction while keeping the cash you were going to donate in your pocket for other uses. Stock donations also benefit MBEF, because stocks and other marketable securities are as good as cash for MBEF, and because donors are often willing to donate a little more than they would if they were giving cash.

Donating stock is easy to do. You just go to the giving page at, and one of the three big blue boxes says, “Donate Stock”. Click on it, and you will find all the information you need. Then contact your investment advisor/ broker and inform them of your intentions. If you use an on-line broker, you can just go to their website and search “charitable donation” for the form and instructions.

If you have questions, you can always call the MBEF office and they will talk you through the process. (310) 303.3342. Also, here’s a helpful article that will explain stock donations in greater detail Consider giving stock, it can benefit you and MBEF. It’s easy, efficient, and smart.

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