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Public Schools, Why Private Donations?

By January 8, 2015August 8th, 2018eNews
Public Schools, Why Private Donations?

GIVE TODAYYour Donations, Not Property Taxes,
Keep our Schools Strong

California isn’t like other states that allow counties to set property taxes to fund the kind of schools residents want. California’s Prop 13 reduced property taxes and took away a school district’s ability to tax its community for schools. Today the state establishes school funding levels. And California’s funding level is among the lowest in the nation. Regardless of the amount of property tax you pay in Manhattan Beach, our schools only receive a small portion of that (roughly $6500 per pupil) and this amount is not sufficient for a high-quality education.

Manhattan Beach has no Parcel Tax for our Schools
Despite the disappointing funding from the state, our district is currently ranked third in California. We host The California Middle School Principal of the Year, two California Teachers of the Year, two years in a row, Award winning Model UN, Award winning theater program, Grammy award winning Mira Costa Music Program… The list goes on and on.

MBUSD is the only top unified school district without a parcel tax, utility tax, or both, to supplement state funding. Instead we rely on our generous community and MBEF to fill the gap. Please Give Now.

Please Become a Supporter of MBEF
It’s a tribute to our students and teachers that in spite of challenges, our schools rank with the best in the state, and in many cases, the nation. And it’s a tribute to the parents in our community that we’ve worked together to help our children every step of the way. We’re counting on you to maintain the quality and breadth of our schools. To learn more about MBEF, please visit or call us at 310.303.3342.

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