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By January 22, 2015eNews

  • Technology: Using technology to support learning is essential for our students to be competitive in today’s educational environment. Integrating technology as an effective tool in all classrooms helps foster creativity, communication and critical thinking. Our schools should focus on programs like digital marketing, biomedical research and robotics that will help our students remain ahead of the curve.
  • Character Development: Recent research indicates that student success may be best predicted when certain character traits are present including grit, curiosity, perseverance, conscientiousness, self-regulation and optimism. Our schools should develop programs that nurture these character traits.
  • Creativity and the Arts: Creativity plays a major role in problem solving. Research shows arts integration can help students who do not thrive in traditional education programs reach new levels of learning through the arts. Our schools should integrate more creativity and arts education programs.
  • Team Work and Collaboration: Project-based learning is active and engaged learning that exposes students to real-world problems and challenges. Students who collaborate are inspired to dig deeper and obtain more knowledge. Our schools should implement project-based learning programs so that our students are prepared for the challenges ahead.
  • Academic Program: Being rated one of the top 3 school districts in the state does not mean we should relax. Our schools should strengthen the mathematics, writing and science programs and I want a greater number of graduates to attend a top ranked college.
  • Focus on Teachers: I am satisfied with our enrichment programs, core subject curriculum and school environment. We should give our teachers opportunities to apply for innovation grants, additional professional development, coaching programs, and more time to work on collaborative planning.
  • Social Responsibility: Our students should be more aware of the challenges in the world around them. I want them to have a sense of social responsibility–a desire to make the world they live in a better place. Our schools should create service learning opportunities and teach students about philanthropy, advocacy and civic responsibility.
  • Personalizing Education: Our schools provide a wide range of academic courses and extracurricular activities but, I’m concerned about the lack of attention to the individual. Our schools should implement programs and strategies that to the highest degree possible, fully engage every student by addressing their individual interests, strengths, passions and ways of learning, while building an increased sense of belonging.
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