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STEM Is Everywhere You Look In MB Schools

By March 2, 2015eNews

10. Science Labs.

Testing Rockets

Testing rockets in Pennekamp’s Science Lab with teacher Sue Holton.

Since 2007, our elementary students have enjoyed the hands-on benefits of science lab instruction, thanks in part to an annual $297,000 MBEF grant. Science specialists, like Pennekamp Elementary School’s Susan Holton, cross-collaborate and prepare grade-appropriate labs, teaching concepts from electromagnets to seed dispersal to energy sources. Holton’s lab serves as home to many critters including a bearded dragon, a tarantula, a gecko, a mouse, hermit crabs, stick bugs and a guinea pig named “Cookie”. Not to be outdone, Meadows parents praise their specialist, Joanne Michaels, for her enthusiasm and innate ability to stir student curiosity and wonder through hands-on experiments.

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