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STEM Is Everywhere You Look In MB Schools

By March 2, 2015eNews

9. Makerspaces.

Inspired by a 2013 TEDxManhattan Beach talk, Pacific Elementary principal Kim Linz and parents embraced the emerging “maker movement” by launching our district’s first Makerspace just last year. The Makerspace converted the school’s former computer lab into a workshop area offering students the chance to create their own contraptions using common everyday materials like motors, wires, piping and paper roll tubes. Each day during lunch, a packed house of students and parent volunteers embark on the challenges of the day – for instance, building a car that can travel 30 feet. “Our Makerspace provides a ‘hands-on, invent-to-learn’ environment, which is a wood shop, robotics, coding, design lab and video editing studio all rolled into one,” shares Pacific parent Cathy Hobart. Given the center’s popularity, the other elementary schools are following suit with their own makerspaces and innovation labs, thanks to a generous grant from Chevron Corporation. Check out their video for more.

Pacific Elementary’s Makerspace

Pacific Elementary’s Makerspace

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