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STEM Is Everywhere You Look In MB Schools

By March 2, 2015eNews

8. Science Events

Elementary Science Events

Elementary Science Events

One day each year, our schools transform into a haven of ingenuity, science, and creativity at a variety of campus science events. “We scour our local scientific community and beyond to find new hands-on exhibits we can expose our student body to,” shares Christine Cronin-Hurst, MBUSD Board of Trustees member and previous chair of Grand View Elementary’s Science Night. Last year, Grand View hosted 18 exhibits including archeological artifacts from UCLA’s Cotsen Institute, forensics courtesy of Manhattan Beach Police Department and the exotic animals of Valentine’s Traveling Nature Class (shown). Robinson Elementary hosts a similar program with it’s “I Am A Scientist Day.” Science experts in the local community, including parents, share their knowledge and industry expertise with students. Each grade level experiences several different hands-on presentations geared toward their curriculum, from how the brain works to the chemistry behind mixing fragrances.

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