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Direct Impact

By May 31, 2016August 8th, 2018eNews

Hi Farnaz,

I can guarantee you that my children would not have music lessons in their lives if it weren’t for MBEF.  We have allocated our after school time to different activities and I only have so much bandwidth, especially as a single parent.  So every violin pluck or bow draw is because of MBEF.  Every note sung against a backdrop of what a key, pitch or note is because of MBEF.

While darling to see my own kids in action at their performances, I was most impressed with the Talent Show at Meadows.   There were eight vocal soloists!!  And I saw them at their choir performance too.   I can’t help but see the exposure at school all year is what helped those eight (mine was not among them) to have the confidence, poise and courage to perform alone …for three shows.  That’s MBEF in action.  That’s your hard work paying off!

MBEF also has allowed all the kids at Meadows to have PE.  Mr Arnold is an amazing teacher.  While he teaches against the backdrop of sport, he is really teaching character, ethics, fairness, self control… So many life lessons and  reach far beyond the fields.  That’s a result of your work.

The elementary schools had the fourth and fifth grade reading challenge.  Meadows had over 60 kids read all three books.  That’s because Mrs Primm sees these kids from kindergarten thru fifth grade and she loves her job and they LOVE her.  She has that job because of MBEF!

Joanne Michael is the same!!   My daughter participated in the Science Fair.  She did the experiment and analysis and ran out of time for preparing her presentation and board.  So she had to tell Ms Michael in person.  THAT was character building even if it wasn’t about science!!

So while always be noise about other things, please remember there are hundreds of families having these positive experiences and we are not thanking you and your team.  For that, I apologize and I hope you remember these stories when you have those hard days.

Thank you Farnaz.  Anne

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