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Student Perspective – Community Service

By January 31, 2017August 8th, 2018eNews

Do you often have the urge to do something nice but don’t know where to start? Community service is a great habit for students to get into that can impact your life and happiness. Some people might argue that students are too busy to worry about helping others. But I argue that participating in community service is valuable at any time. I think that students should be required to do charity work because it has great personal health benefits, increases happiness, and builds problem solving and other valuable skills.

People who participate in community service have better mental and physical health throughout their lifetime. I think that charity work should be a requirement because of its great health benefits. Assisting others helps relieve stress, anger, and anxiety, and can even make you happy. Improving our health is important, so why not commit to community service and be more healthy and happy?

Happiness comes in many shapes and sizes, and community service can be a key tool to making you happy. The reason that charity work can help increase happiness is because it makes you feel good knowing you are doing something for someone else.

Also, setting and completing a goal can help you feel confident in its success and build important skills. Participating in community service gives you a goal, and completing it gives you more confidence. I think that community service is also beneficial for learning problem solving skills. Charity work can help develop organizational and time management skills, and encourages asking for feedback.

I think that community service should be required for students because it has a tremendous positive affect on people. Not only does participating in community service encourage health benefits, it also makes you happy and helps develop problem solving skills. All these skills are great to have and can improve your life overall. It is never too late to seek out local community service opportunities in your area to get out and change the world.


Emily Trief
6th grade scholar


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