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The Truth About College Admission Testing

By January 7, 2019Featured Articles

MBEF invites Mira Costa parents and students to join us for a Complimentary Presentation by Adam Ingersoll and The Truth about College Admission Testing in 2019.

Thursday, January 10th
7:00pm in the Mira Costa Auditorium

The evolving landscape of college admission testing has far-reaching implications, both for public schools and for individual students. Nationally recognized speaker Adam Ingersoll, co-founder and principal of Compass Education Group, will help us understand how to navigate this intimidating terrain successfully.

Topics of discussion include:

  • The role and weight of test in college admission
  • Why testing policies at colleges vary so widely
  • The harm caused by myths about testing and admission
  • Importance of choosing correctly between ACT and SAT
  • The relevance of Subject Tests at highly-competitive colleges
  • Developmentally appropriate timelines for testing and test prep
  • Strategies for self-study

All attendees will leave with a richer understanding of the college admission process and a framework for maximizing the student’s success on standardized tests.

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