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MBEF’s Annual Appeal: We are grateful for you!

By February 26, 2019March 26th, 2019Uncategorized

THANK YOU to our parent and business community for your generous support of MBEF’s Annual Appeal this year.  Together we raised just under $5 million dollars to support our schools.  We would especially like to thank our volunteer site reps who helped lead the Annual Appeal effort – Anna Bargagliotti, Monica Brudenell, Lynn Davis, Ellen Klein, Katie LeRosen, Erica Lewis, Dana Lupton, Kate Malick, Lisa Meyer, Heidi Nelson, Amy Pearce, Whitney Stephenson, and Bea Zimbalist.  Together, we did it again.  Special thanks also to our Lead Annual Appeal Donors who have donated $5,250 or more.  A complete list of Donors is available online and will be available in print in MBEF’s Annual Report & Honor Roll mailed in the summer.  If you didn’t get a chance to Donate or Pledge yet this year, there is still time.  With every gift, large and small, we are able to sustain the programs that directly impact our students.

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