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Manhattan Wine Auction Livestream Event – Paddle Raise For Programs

By June 14, 2021eNews

As we come to a close on this school year, we look with optimism to what the next has in store. The MBUSD Board of Trustees has Committed to Full In-Person Learning in 2021-22 and it is our hope that our students will return to the classroom with every advantage for success.

Unfortunately, some of the academic and enrichment opportunities MBEF has historically provided our K-12 students will not be available in the 2021/22 school year. In 2019-20, MBUSD was faced with a significant budget deficit, threatening the jobs of many educators in the district. To stabilize the classroom experience, a large portion of MBEF funding was redirected to fund classroom teachers. Ultimately, the cuts severely impacted beloved MBEF programs at all of our schools, significantly diminishing a number of them.

While the reduction of these key programs was not as noticeable in distance learning, it will be deeply felt next year. The MBEF Board of Directors had hoped to be able to restore these programs to their full capacity for the coming academic year, but the significant decline in support of the Annual Appeal has prevented us from doing so…yet.

We have the ability to restore these opportunities for our students through the MWA Paddle Raise. Here are the MBEF programs and educators your support will impact in 2021-22:

  • Class Size Reduction – Grades 4-12
  • Academic and Guidance Counselors – 1 Counselor
  • College and Career Counselors – 1 Counselor
  • Physical Education Specialists – 1.9 Specialists
  • Library Resource Specialists – 2.8 Specialists
  • MakerSpace Program – 3.1 Assistants
  • Music Specialists – 2 Specialists
  • Science Specialists – 1.7 Specialists

MBEF remains dedicated to supporting the academic journey of all students. Let’s move beyond the challenges of this last year together and embrace our students the way our community does best.