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MBEF Supports Measure A

The Manhattan Beach Education Foundation was founded to ensure that all Manhattan Beach children have access to an excellent public-school education. The structural deficit in California continues to create numerous challenges for our schools – ones that MBEF alone cannot transform. The Board of Directors voted to support the Measure A campaign with funding in the same way that it supported the Measure MB campaign as it aligns with our mission of creating strong schools. Supporting a measure (not a political candidate) in line with this mission is not prohibited according to the Internal Revenue Code, Section 501 (c)(3). The code does set limits on legislative activities and the MBEF Board of Directors has restricted the limits further in the MBEF Strategic Plan (2014) to ensure that no more than 2% of activities are directed towards advocacy. The expenditures to support the campaign for Measure A to bring essential funding to our schools are less than 1% of the annual budget. We are proud to stand with our schools and continue our efforts to ensure that our students continue to be empowered with high-quality programs in our community schools. We support strong schools and strong community.

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