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2022 Legacy Award: Michael Greenberg

SKECHERS’s Co-founder and President, Michael Greenberg was presented with MBEF’s 2022 Legacy Award at the 28th Annual Manhattan Wine Auction on Saturday, June 4th. Introduced in 2020, the MBEF Legacy Award honors those individuals, families and businesses who have demonstrated a truly exceptional commitment to the MBEF mission. MBEF President Scott Rosenthal presented the award to Michael, sharing that MBEF and Manhattan Beach are fortunate to have someone like Michael Greenberg on our side, “we need more leaders like Michael Greenberg; selfless, creative, eager to help and capable of inspiring others to do the same. He has raised millions to support area children through the Friendship  Foundation, the Skechers Foundation, and the annual Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk, of which contributions to MBEF have totaled more than $2 million over the course of the event’s lifetime.” Past recipients include Rod Spackman, retired Corporate Affairs Manager of Chevron, and Jan and Chet Pipkin, founders of Belkin. To learn more about Michael Greenberg’s community support, please read more in our Event Program.

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