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MBEF EXPO in our Schools: November 27 – January 19

By November 17, 2023Uncategorized

During the MBEF EXPO in our Elementary Schools over the next few months, parents are invited to join their child in class to experience the programs funded by donations to the MBEF Annual Appeal. The MBEF EXPO parent visits will be held during regular class time according to the weekly schedule below. Each program will offer a unique glimpse at the exceptional learning opportunities in our schools. Look for specific class times from your school site soon!

Week One: November 27 – December 1

MBEF Grant: $565,000 

MBEF funding supports credentialed physical education teachers at all elementary schools to provide high-quality physical education and sportsmanship instruction each week for students in grades 1-5. In addition to the physical health benefits, research shows that physical activity can help children improve their concentration, memory, and classroom behavior. Without certificated PE Specialists, MBUSD classroom teachers would need to incorporate the state-required 100 minutes into their weekly instruction.

Week Two: December 4 – December 8

MBEF Grant: $180,000 

The unique MakerSpace environments throughout our elementary schools provide innovative lab experiences for our students in grades TK-5. Empowering students to learn problem-solving skills through trial and error helps develop a student’s ability to think creatively and visualize solutions. MBEF funds MakerSpace Specialists who support program implementation by preparing materials, facilitating lessons, and organizing the Maker Labs.

Week Three: December 11 – December 15

MBEF Grant: $350,000 

MBEF supports music instruction in grades 1-12, and as a result, the music program at MBUSD has flourished. Students in grades 1-5 are introduced to a comprehensive music program with instruction in vocal, wind and string instruments. Taught by certificated music instructors, the program fosters a love of music and serves as a foundation for our award-winning middle and high school programs. At the secondary level, students can specialize in the instrument of their choice and participate in a variety of ensembles.

Week Four: January 8 – January 12

MBEF Grant: $355,000 

Having access to a school library and knowing how to access credible sources using technology provides endless discoveries for students. MBEF supports Library Resource Specialists in our elementary schools to help students in TK – 5th grades develop research and media literacy skills and foster a passion for reading and writing that will serve them throughout their lives. The libraries have become a hub of information on each campus, providing students with a quiet place to read during recess and lunch, and a vibrant center for research and learning.

Week Five: January 16 – January 19

MBEF Grant: $455,000 

MBEF funding for credentialed science teachers in a dedicated science lab on each campus provides all students in grades TK-5 with hands-on lab experiences and project-based-learning opportunities that strengthen the passion for science. Trained in nationally recognized Project Lead The Way (PLTW), the science specialists engage students in real-world learning that connects the classroom science curriculum with engaging, hands-on activities, projects and problems.

Visitation Guidelines

As a visitor to campus, each parent will be required to check in at the school office and present a valid ID. Please allow extra time for the check-in process. Visitors are not required to adhere to volunteer requirements.

We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience your child’s enriched educational experience!

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