Our Board and School Site Representatives

2017-2018 Executive Board Officers

President Remco Waller MBMS, MCHS
Vice President Dan Rogoff Pacific, MBMS
Secretary Joni Ramallo MCHS
Treasurer Michelle McDonald MCHS

2017-2018 Board of Directors

David G. Adishian MBMS Alice Kuo Meadows
Andrea Barker Robinson Erin Levin Pacific
Kate Bergin MCHS Emily Macias MBMS, MCHS
Dolly Boden MCHS Stacy Myrose Robinson, MBMS
Michelle Cormack MBMS, MCHS Mitchell Ozawa MCHS
Bonnie Darrow MBMS, MCHS Kathleen Paralusz Meadows
Heather de Roos Grand View Carolyn Robb MCHS
Mike Duckworth MCHS Scott Rosenthal Pacific
Jennifer Fenton Robinson Jim Schlager Grand View, MBMS
Adam Goldston MCHS Jeff Serota Grand View
Katie Gunther Pennekamp, MBMS Roger Spencer Meadows
Michael Husson Grand View Jeri Vick Pacific, MBMS
Ted Iantuono MBMS, MCHS Rich Weiss MCHS
Marija Kosanovich Alumni Parent Ann Marie Whitney MCHS

Voting members include the PTA/PTSA president from each school site. A member of the MBUSD Board of Trustees is a non-voting member of our board.


School Site Representatives

MBMS Madeleine McCormack Pacific Monica Brudenell
Jill Levine Lucia La Rosa Ames
            Kate Malik
Grand View Katie LeRosen Pennekamp Anna Bargagliotti
Whitney Stephenson Heidi Nelson
Meadows Ellen Klein Robinson Geraldine Pepemehmetoglu
Russ Samuels

MBEF Staff

Executive Director Farnaz G Flechner
Director of Annual Appeal Hilary Mahan
Director of Events and Partnerships Hava Manasse