News & Updates:

A Message from the MBEF Executive Director

Dear Friends, I’m writing to let you know that at the end of this school year, I will conclude my service as executive director of MBEF and the Endowment. In June 2018, I will complete my fourth year at MBEF, and the Parcel Tax initiative will have reached its conclusion. This will create a perfect… Read more »

$20 Million by 2020 Campaign

MBEF recently kicked off a campaign to grow its Endowment to $20 million by the year 2020. Much of the success of our schools depends on the tremendous support from our community. Each year MBEF grants over $6M for educational programs throughout our District, most of which comes from annual donations from parents. When we… Read more »

The MBEF Endowment – $20 Million by 2020

Thirty-one years ago, a few forward-thinking members of our community came together to create the MBEF Endowment. Their mission was to build a permanent, sustainable and consistent source of funding for Manhattan Beach public schools. Modeled after the endowment of colleges and universities across the country, the Endowment, disburses a portion of the returns generated… Read more »

MBEF in MBUSD: Our Family’s Experience

By Kathleen Gibbons, MBUSD parent It’s hard for us to believe, but our family is nearing the end of our time in the Manhattan Beach School District.  Our oldest son graduated from Mira Costa last June and attends Tulane University in New Orleans, while our youngest son finishes his Junior year at Costa.  With our older… Read more »

Lighting the Spark – Teen Innovation at the South Bay Hackathon

In its second year of funding, MBEF’s Teachers Driving Innovation (TDI) grant program continues to support our teachers to introduce innovative ideas in the classroom and beyond. Intended to enhance student learning by providing MBUSD educators the opportunity to exercise their passion for teaching and innovation, the TDI program connects the wealth of knowledge, expertise… Read more »

Student Perspective – Community Service

Do you often have the urge to do something nice but don’t know where to start? Community service is a great habit for students to get into that can impact your life and happiness. Some people might argue that students are too busy to worry about helping others. But I argue that participating in community… Read more »


Thank you to the entire community for the generous support of the 2016/17 Annual Appeal. We are just $50,000 from reaching our goal of raising $5.2M. If by chance you did not get around to giving, it’s not too late. Here is a link to MBEF’s donate or pledge page. If you are not sure… Read more »

Social-Emotional Health – Costa

With increasing numbers of students reporting depression, suicidal ideation and binge drinking, schools throughout the country are making social-emotional health a priority. Many districts like ours recognize the urgency and are working to foster a healthy, productive, and supportive school culture to help ensure our children are prepared for lifelong success. In last month’s newsletter,… Read more »

Focus on Grants: Social-Emotional Wellness at MBMS

What is the right balance between social-emotional health and academic challenge? We know that we cannot define our own success through our children’s success, and that our expectation for our children to be the “best” at everything can be harmful. We see the social media posts and the best-selling books about simplifying and de-stressing our… Read more »

Letter To The Editor, November 3, 2016

Yes on C and EE I urge Manhattan Beach residents to vote yes on Measures C and EE for safe quality schools. I’ll share some history. In 2008, this community passed Measure BB, which came in on time and on budget. It addressed the needs of academics and arts at Mira Costa and completely transformed… Read more »