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MBEF Turns 30 – Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Admit it, you probably haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about the history of MBEF this summer.  Despite our summer schedules ourselves, we thought it would be fun to track down some of the key leaders of MBEF over the years and find out what MBEF was like then and how it’s changed. Bob… Read more »

August Kicks off Annual Appeal to Give Students an Edge

Every August, there are a few things you can just count on in Manhattan Beach – fun beach days,  fewer parking spots, and your appeal letter from MBEF.    Yes, this month, MBEF kicks off its Annual Appeal, the main fundraising campaign primarily directed at parents of MBUSD students. The Appeal lasts from August through January…. Read more »

MBEF Increases Grants; Keeps Classes Small and Saves Teacher Jobs

Last spring, MBEF President Nina Patel announced that the foundation had approved $5.385 million in grants to the  Manhattan Beach Unified School District for the 2013-2014 school year. The grant includes an additional $385,000 over MBEF’s grants to the district last school year.  This funding will save teacher jobs – especially to keep classes small and… Read more »

FOCUS ON GRANTS: Small English Classes, Big Rewards for Students

By Leanne Huebner, Posted March 13, 2013 For more than two decades, Mira Costa High School students have enjoyed the engaging opportunity to embrace literature or to improve prose under the tutelage of English teacher Pam Jenning.  When asked what inspired her to teach English, Ms. Jenning responds simply –“Everything.”  She continues eloquently, “The heartbreaking beauty of story, the power… Read more »

Class of 2013 Valedictorians Speak Out on MBEF

by Leanne Huebner, May 13, 2013  Recently, our MBEF crew caught up with a number of the most impressive Mira Costa students from the Class of 2013 — the valedictorians.   One unique factor about Mira Costa is that any student who receives an “A” in every single class during their four years of high school – no… Read more »

Top Five Things to Know about School Funding (3.20.13)

Our education funding system is complex and could be changing again in June. Here are five things you should know about it: Most of our money comes from the state. And most of the state’s money for schools comes from income tax (not property tax). Because income tax revenue fluctuates with the economy, our school… Read more »

Here’s to Elementary Science!

This year MBEF is proud to continue support for our district’s Elementary Science Progam – specifically, the Science Specialists at each of our five elementary schools. We sat in recently on one of their collaboration meetings, where they were working out the details of a future lab on Wet Cell Batteries. We talked with them… Read more »