We have postponed Support Our Schools week due to the current challenges we are all facing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our hearts go out to those directly or indirectly impacted.

Our schools are the heart of our community. We have learned through years of limited state funding for education that we must come together as a community to strengthen our schools. As MBUSD faces budget cuts for 2020/21 that will impact the exceptional opportunities that empower our students, we recognize this need now more than ever.

It is for this reason that MBEF is bringing us all together for Support Our Schools, a week-long awareness and fundraising campaign March 21st-28th. During Support Our Schools, both residents and businesses can help to raise funds to offset the MBUSD budget cuts. We are encouraging direct donations to MBEF and patronage at our local businesses who are offering Give Back promotions throughout the week. It’s a win for us all – dine, shop and visit your favorites stores throughout Manhattan Beach while also supporting MBEF!



If you are a business who would like to participate, please click here for more information or contact David Brennan at 310-303-3342.