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The MBEF Educator Grant Program was created to support excellence in our schools by empowering MBUSD educators with funding to implement projects that will enhance teaching and learning throughout the district. The program provides educators with the opportunity to re-define best practices, explore innovative and inclusive approaches to instruction, collaborate and partner with colleagues, and connect the wealth of knowledge, expertise and talent within the MBUSD community. The Educator Grant Program funds programs that support:

  • innovative teaching
  • project-based education
  • experiential learning
  • new technologies
  • character development
  • arts integration
  • inclusive and equitable community
  • understand, respect and celebrate all people

Educator Grant Program Information

The Educator Grant application window has closed. Please check back in June 2023 for the application for the 2023-2024 academic year.

2022-23 Educator Awards

Funded Grants:

Grant Title Award Approved School Site Grade Level Description
Counting Collections Lending Library $1,000.00 Grand View Elementary TK-5 A Counting Collections Lending Library will provide teachers with various resources to be used during their lessons which is an integral component of CGI Math instruction.
Relaxation Center & Library in EDP $2,000.00 Meadows Elementary TK-4 To provide a safe and calm space to gather thoughts and promote social and emotional growth and develop the character of the whole child.
Makerspace Presents….Innovation Magic! $800.00 Meadows Elementary TK-5 Technology replacement in The Makerspace Lab to assist with instruction and to help with students’ creativity.
Makerspace is our Creative Place! $800.00 Pacific Elementary TK-5 Replace the visual equipment so that students can view the lessons and instructions from the Makerspace Specialist.
Social Learning for Special Day Class $463.00 Pacific Elementary K-5 A continuation of social skills instruction started in the 2021/-22 school year to promote/increase the social-emotional learning skills of diverse learners via the sequential and structured teaching of social competencies. In addition to the Special Day Class, students with IEPs will have the opportunity to benefit from this program.
Student Adaptive Learning Space for the Students of Pacific’s Day Class $3,500.00 Pacific Elementary K-5 This project aims to improve the student’s Learning Space in this class, specifically by providing students with adaptive furniture to allow individualization and support student academic achievement, student behavior and social-emotional development.
Allying and Empathizing/Stand Up and Lift Up $2,000.00 Pacific Elementary 4-5 Support of educators and putting MBUSD goals, EDSJI vision and themes, and CASEL’s social emotional learning five core competencies into action through professional development and theatre.
STEAM Innovation Night $1,000.00 Robinson Elementary K-5 This will be the culmination of the innovative teaching, project-based education, experiential learning and arts integration that staff will engage students in. The students will challenge themselves to come up with products/services showcasing solutions to environmental problems that affect our oceanside environment. They will have the chance to mesh their STEM and “Maker” skills as well as entrepreneurialism.
Flexible Seating Fosters Freedom and Focus $1,000.00 Robinson Elementary 3rd To fill the classroom with flexible seating which allows for students to move around and can help with their focus, collaboration, agency, and brain health.
AAPI Heritage Month – Traditional Cultural Performance $1,600.00 All Elementary Schools TK-5 Pennekamp will host a traditional cultural performance during AAPI Month in May 2023 to raise awareness and appreciation of the beautiful diversity in our school community and this performance will be accessible to all MBUSD elementary schools.
Humanities Classroom Library $5,000.00 MBMS 6th Provide students with a wide range of reading material that gives a broad array of genres and topics. In addition, to promote inclusion and diversity and encourage confident and independent readers.
MBMS ViewSonic Systems for Engaging Science and Technology $13,000.00 MBMS 6-8 Update aging systems of technology for interactive lessons and demonstrations.
MWell Wellness Project $950.00 MCHS 9-12 To expand the existing MWell program to include additional social emotional learning activities and field trips.
Link Crew Safe Space $1,000.00 MCHS 9-12 Link Crew is a hub of inclusivity, connectedness, and empathy at Mira Costa.  They will create a safe, welcoming space in their classroom for all Link Leaders and students, especially freshmen and new students. It will be place for student mixers as well as learning opportunties for the Link Crew.
MCHS Alternative Education Space $2,000.00 MCHS 9-12 Create a safe and inclusive room for students with alternative needs and develop systems for clear and concise communication with students, families and staff.
American Sign Language Classroom of Inclusion $2,500.00 MCHS 9-12 To create a non-restrictive classroom that is Deaf Friendly so that students can effectively learn the target language and culture of the Deaf in an environment that supports them. Having appropriate seating and furniture will support equality and diversity as well as promoting flexibility with partner and group work.
Improve Student Science Literacy Using Supplementary Non-Fiction Paperbacks $2,900.00 MCHS 9-12 To help students expand beyond getting science concepts and information just from textbooks but using supplementary non-fiction paperbacks. This can improve their science literacy and engage students especially those that respond better to story-like presentations of typically difficult science concepts.
Mira Costa Music Technology Lab $5,000.00 MCHS 9-12 Elevate music education dramatically through networked digital pianos to drive personalized, experiential, and collaborative learning opportunities for all students.
The more places I go, The more I learn!  – World Knowledge and Experiences Enhance Language Skills in the Deaf Population $1,500.00 Pennekamp, MBMS, MCHS Preschool-12 This program effectively exposes deaf and hard of hearing students and their parents to enhance real life experiences using a multi-sensory approach. This language learning system provides visual and functional activities using hands-on approaches, life experiences, and exposure such as field trips, to increase understanding and expressive language, which can integrate into our students’ daily lives and improve their academic skills.
International Day 2023 $1,900.00 Districtwide TK-12 The purpose of this day is to help students and families appreciate the rich cultural diversity of MBUSD and promote a community of inclusion and respect of all cultures by embracing and celebrating our similarities and differences.
Stand4PEACE – Teach Peace-UN International Peace Day and Week $2,000.00 Districtwide TK-12 To educate the importance of peace-building education and conflict transformation by observing the UN International Day of Peace, 21 September with week-long education and awareness activities.
MBUSD Cares: Cultivating a Climate of Care through Literature and Experience $18,000.00 Districtwide 4th, 8th, 10th MBUSD has implemented programs that are committed to developing a climate of care, equity, diversity, social justice, and inclusion in our schools. This grant will incorporate lessons in the classroom and provide experiences for our students at critical ages that align with this mission.