For the past four decades, MBEF has provided a means for the Manhattan Beach community to invest in superior public education for our students. The support has provided a foundation of excellence and has grown into a multi-million-dollar commitment that maintains reasonable class sizes, rigorous academics, and a breadth of educational experiences from kindergarten through high school.

Many of MBEF’s enrichment programs were impacted by the 2019-20 MBUSD budget cuts. This year, many of these important programs will be restored because of the generosity of our community and temporary federal and state funding assistance to our district with Covid relief funds.


$2,257,500 – 43% of Overall Funding

Few educational practices have the potential for greater impact than learning in a classroom with fewer students. Both parents and teachers consistently prioritize the importance of Class Size Reduction (CSR) as instrumental in a student’s educational experience. MBEF supports class size reduction in general, but also allocates significant funding to limit class size for critical grade levels in specific core classes.

General Class Size Reduction (4-12) – $1,137,500
While state guidelines provide for a maximum of 24 students per class in grades TK-3, there are no maximums in grades 4-12. Without restrictions or adequate state funding, our schools depend on support from MBEF to ensure more reasonable class sizes in all subjects for grades 4-12.

Class Size Reduction (4-5) – $250,000
In addition to the General CSR grant, MBEF provides funding that ensures a maximum of 30 students per class in grades 4-5. Students at this age are beginning to define strengths, as well as challenge areas. Keeping class size lower allows teachers to personalize the support of each student to ensure their growth and achievement in all areas.

Class Size Reduction for English/Humanities & Math (6-8) – $250,000
MBEF also directs CSR funding towards reducing class size specifically in English/Humanities and Math in grades 6-8. The transition to middle school can be challenging and providing more personalized learning in core subjects ensures our students have the support they need. This directed grant ensures that the average class size is near 30 for these critical subjects.

Class Size Reduction for English & Math (9) – $250,000
MBEF directs CSR funding towards reducing class size specifically in English and Math in 9th grade, keeping the average number of students near 30. This provides more space for personalized learning in these critical core subjects to ensure our students have the support they need as they transition to the rigorous high school curriculum.

Elective Enhancement (6-8) – $150,000
The enhanced elective program at MBMS offers middle school students a range of electives to explore, including STEM, Visual Arts, Technology, Yearbook, Drama, and the nationally recognized mentoring program, Where Everybody Belongs (WEB).

Elective Enhancement/Zero Period (9-12) – $220,000
This grant provides Mira Costa students an extra period in the daily schedule so that they can fulfill course requirements and benefit from the array of additional elective course options. More than 25% of MCHS students take advantage of this option. The grant also provides funding for enhanced elective options, such as Link Crew, a mentoring program for incoming freshmen led by juniors and seniors.


$1,133,500 – 21% of Overall Funding

Levels of stress, anxiety and depression at schools throughout the country with similar demographics have increased at an unprecedented rate. A dramatic increase in mental health concerns with our students, particularly post-pandemic, has led us to target a significant portion of our funding towards districtwide social emotional wellness.

College & Career Counselors (9-12) – $297,000
MBEF funds the experts in the MCHS College and Career Center (CCC) devoted to coaching our high school students and helping them navigate the college application process and post-graduation pathways. This program is an essential part of helping our students make the right personal choice for their next step upon graduation. Parents are welcome to utilize the extensive CCC services as well, with both day and evening appointments available.

Guidance & Academic Support Counselors (6-12) – $677,000
Counselors foster a sense of connection on campus and play an essential role for students in academic guidance and life planning. While districts throughout the state have increased their student to counselor ratio, MBEF’s investment has kept our ratios reasonable, ensuring time to work with students on time management, prioritization, organization, as well as monitor student progress.

MBMS Assistant Principal: Student Life (6-8) – $140,000
The additional Assistant Principal at the middle school is focused on student and parent engagement to meet the varying needs of our student body. The coordination of all social emotional learning programs creates a more inclusive learning environment and helps to better meet the diverse needs of our students at a critical transition in their lives.

Social Inclusion Grants (TK-12) – $15,000
Students and educators throughout the district are encouraged to apply for small grants to fund programs that celebrate our differences and create a welcoming environment for all students.

Teacher of the Year Awards (TK-12) – $4,500
Each year MBUSD recognizes one teacher from each school as the Teacher of the Year, and one of those teachers is selected as the districtwide Teacher of the Year. With this grant, made possible by an endowment fund sponsored by the Nickell Family, all of MBUSD’s seven elementary and secondary Teachers of the Year receive a monetary reward.


$415,000 – 8% of Overall Funding

Music, math, language and science achievement go hand- in-hand. MBEF supports music instruction in grades 1-12, and as a result, the music program at MBUSD has flourished. Students in grades 1-5 are introduced to a comprehensive music program taught by certificated music instructors to help cultivate a love of music and serve as the foundation for our award-winning middle and high school programs.


$479,000 – 9% of Overall Funding

MBEF is proud to support credentialed physical education teachers at our elementary schools to provide high-quality physical education and sportsmanship instruction each week. In addition to the physical health benefits, research shows that physical activity can help children improve their concentration, memory, and classroom behavior. Without certificated PE Specialists, MBUSD classroom teachers would need to incorporate the state-required 100 minutes into their weekly instruction.


$309,000 – 6% of Overall Funding

Literacy is a critical part of learning for all students — and lays the foundation for future success. Our educators prioritize literacy and provide support at every level. In addition to the curriculum in the classroom, our students have access to a dedicated campus library with additional attention on developing this key pillar of learning. If a student requires additional support, MBUSD Reading Specialists are available to intervene and ensure that student learning is on track. Results from recent standardized tests rank MBUSD as 3rd in the state in English Language Arts, indicating the support systems that we have in place are working well to address the standards-based curriculum.

Library Resource Specialists (TK-8) – $309,000
Having access to a school library and knowing how to locate credible sources using technology provides endless discoveries for students. MBEF supports Library Resource Specialists at the elementary and secondary levels to help develop and enhance research and media literacy skills in all grade levels and foster a passion for reading, learning and research that will serve students throughout their lives. The libraries have become a hub of information, providing students with a quiet place to read during recess and lunch, to a vibrant center for research and learning during class time.


$705,000 – 13% of Overall Funding

If our students are to compete and thrive in today’s global economy, we must provide a solid, hands-on foundation in STEM education. Confidence in math and science not only supports STEM-related fields, but also helps develop the ability to be innovative and think critically.

MakerSpace (TK-5) – $126,000
The unique MakerSpace environments throughout our elementary schools provide innovative lab experiences for our students in grades TK-5 to serve as inventors. Empowering students to learn problem-solving skills through trial and error helps develop their ability to think creatively and visualize solutions. The MakerSpace Instructional Assistants prepare materials, facilitate lessons, and organize the Maker Labs.

Math TOSA (6-8) – $100,000
Our Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA) have historically provided specialized coaching in academic areas that require more attention and growth, such as literacy, science, technology and 21st Century Teaching and Learning. The Math TOSA will continue to strengthen Common Core instruction while also helping to bridge curriculum from the elementary to the middle school grade levels.

Science Lab Assistant (9-12) – $59,000
The Science Lab Assistant at MCHS provides critical support for our lab science teachers by preparing materials and resources to make lab instruction organized, efficient and innovative.

Science Specialists (TK-5) – $342,000
This grant supports credentialed science teachers to engage all elementary students in hands-on lab experiences and project-based learning opportunities to strengthen their understanding of science. Trained in the nationally recognized Project Lead the Way (PLTW), the specialists engage students in real world learning that connects the classroom science curriculum with engaging, hands-on activities, projects and problems.

STEM Electives (7-8) – $48,000
MBEF supports an advanced level STEM elective at the middle school, as well as exploratory wheel options in the STEM field for all students in grades 7-8.

Teachers Driving Innovation Grants (TK-12) – $30,000
MBEF supports a Teachers Driving Innovation Grant Program for teachers throughout our District. Each Innovation Grant provides our educators with an opportunity to exercise their passion for teaching, develop original ideas, collaborate with colleagues, and connect with the wealth of knowledge, expertise and talent within MBUSD.