MBEF 2012-2013 Grants

Grants to our seven Manhattan Beach public schools top $5 million for the 2012-2013 school year.  Here’s how the money will be spent:

Districtwide Grants $565,400

Music $300,000

Music, math and science achievement go hand in hand. Music instruction beginning in elementary school forms the foundation for our award-winning middle and high school programs. Such excellence elevates our schools in the eyes of select colleges and universities, which helps every student.

21st Century Curriculum & Technology Support $164,900

Across every grade, what is taught is as important as how it’s taught or who teaches it. MBEF funding helps make sure your child’s curriculum keeps pace with his or her changing world. Our students are taking part in a pilot project to introduce iPads in the classroom.

Writing Initiative $100,500

An MBEF grant will also fund a districtwide writing initiative to improve and expand writing in the schools. The program introduces students to the highly effective “Writers Workshop” out of Columbia University.“If we could institute only one change to make students more college ready, it should be to increase the amount and quality of writing students are expected to produce.” – David Conley, Director of the Center for Educational Policy Research.

Elementary Grants $2,403,300

Teachers $1,460,000

MBEF donations limit overcrowding and allow teachers to understand your child’s individual needs. Class size in Manhattan Beach schools is lower than in neighboring school districts.

Science $307,250

Hands-on experience in lab brings science to life in a memorable way. MBEF donations enable a full program from K-5.

Reading Enrichment $294,450

Kids learn to read and then read to learn. Reading specialists allow students to develop this critical skill at their own pace.

Computer Specialists $153,850

Computers are for more than fun and games. From keyboarding, to presentations, to research, our kids are prepared.

Librarians $184,000

Having access to a library at school and knowing how to find your way around any library opens endless discovery. Librarians open the doors.

Middle/High School Grants $2,034,050

Guidance & Support at Mira Costa $624,700

With so much to choose from at Costa, and only so many hours in the day, guidance counselors help everyone find his or her path for success. Counselors are also there to maneuver any “bumps in the road.”

Guidance & Support at MBMS $414,750

If your child needs help with schedules, classes or social issues, an advisor is always there, operating on the front lines.

Breadth of Courses $165,000

Unlike other over-crowded districts, our students can still discover and experience a stimulating curriculum with course offerings from award-winning broadcast journalism to Latin and AP Environmental Science.

Small English Classes $245,000

Middle school and into 9th grade, MBEF grants keep English classes small during this pivotal time for learning the writing skills necessary for a successful high school career. Another small grant at the high school provides readers to assist English teachers in reviewing student writing.

College & Career Center $210,100

More than simply advising students and parents about life after Mira Costa, our counselors are ambassadors for our school and your child’s future. Mira Costa is one of the most recognized high schools in the nation. It is little wonder that graduates have their choice of colleges and universities to attend.

Librarians $143,100

Can you imagine a school without one?  Neither can we.  Our librarians missionis to empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users and creators of information. But sometimes the library is just a refuge for a teenager.

iPad Teacher $90,000

MBMS will be one of the first schools in the nation where every student will have an iPad. This MBEF grant will pay for an iPad-experienced MBMS teacher to step out of her classroom for the year to assist teachers and students. She’ll be on campus everyday making sure teachers and students get the support they need when they need it.

More Electives  $90,000

For the students who take “the wheel” electives, an MBEF grant is expanding the course offerings. New this year is Public Speaking, Film Production and an additional section of Drama.

Science Assistant $51,400

From dissections to chemical experiments, our kids are able to complete the necessary labs to complement what they learn in the classroom and gain a broader understanding of scientific concepts.