MBEF supports programs that will inspire change and nurture a productive and honest dialogue in our schools through the Social Inclusion Grants. Originally initiated by Malissia and Ron Clinton in 2015, the Social Inclusion Grants help to bridge divides in our community and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all children. MBUSD students, teachers and administrators are encouraged to apply for small grants to introduce programs that will focus on celebrating and respecting diversity — with respect to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, economic status, ability, and culture.

Social Inclusion Grant Information
Downloadable Social Inclusion Grant Application

Application closed 10-1-20

2019-20 Social Inclusion Grant Awards

Funded Grants:

Grant Title Award Approved School Description
California African American Museum and 5th Grade Inclusion Curriculum** $1,780 Meadows possibly other 5th grades African American History; Research a famous African American; Art Project; Entry in Scholastic’s Jackie Robinson Essay Contest; field trip to CAAM.
Black History Month
Door Decorating Contest
$2,600 MBMS Decorating doors for black history month.
Club Harmony* $1,000 MCHS Student initiated diversity speaker series
Hot Chocolate Nutcracker $2,500 Pacific and Meadows Written and Choreographed by Debbie Allen, an all African American cast performs the Nutcracker in a new context.
Sunshine Crew* $400 Pacific Playground Inclusion; Kids including kids
Lending Library $1,500 Pennekamp Lending Library covering diversity subjects, topics, groups
Changing Perspectives* $800 Meadows Sensitivity towards special needs students
Freshman Bridge* $1,750 MCHS Help new, permit & at-risk students adjust to MCHS, managing workload, and building confidence to be successful at MCHS socially and academically, and believe that they are capable of attending college and 4-year universities. Also includes a mentor program of older students who have been through the program.
International Day* $3,000 District A festival celebrating cultures and diversity within our district. There are over 40 languages being spoken in our district.
Pride Palooza $300 MCHS Pride Celebration
SoLa Surfs $800 MCHS A club where students work with underprivileged students and giving them a great day at the beach. They will prepare and deliver a presentation to MCHS and MBEF is welcome.
Buddies not Bullies $300 Pacific and Robinson Student led Anti-Bully Program
Lunar New Year Celebration $1,000 Meadows An appreciation of different cultural celebrations in our community. Social Inclusion curriculum will be woven in and students will be asked to reflect on the celebration in the context of inclusion.
UR STRONG** $2,932 Grand View, Robinson, Pacific A curriculum that builds understanding and acceptance of peers in the context of friendship.

*repeat grant
**spreading to other campuses