MBEF supports programs that will inspire change and nurture a productive and honest dialogue in our schools through the Social Inclusion Grants. Originally initiated by Malissia and Ron Clinton in 2015, the Social Inclusion Grants help to bridge the racial divide and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all children. MBUSD students, teachers and administrators are encouraged to apply for small grants to introduce programs that will focus on celebrating and respecting diversity — racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, economic and cultural. Applications will be accepted through October 1, 2019.

Social Inclusion Grant Information

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Funded Grants:

Grant TitleDescriptionSchoolAward ApprovedLead GranteeNumber of Students Engaged
Second StepCurriculum to communicate in times of adversityMeadows$783Emily Brunick90
Club HarmonyStudent-run club that brings speakers that challenge student and faculty mindsets about race, gender, and other inclusive issuesMCHS$1,500Nisha Chatwani100
Wondrous WorldInclusion-oriented picture book by ‘Wonder’ author to reach early elementary – reading, speaker, and art project “We are all Wonders”Grand View$500Kristen Petrone250
UR StrongComprehensive curriculum for principal, teachers, counselor, parents, students. Teaching advocacy, tolerance, and acceptance. PD and Parent Ed included.Grand View$1,495Liz Jemielita325
Changing PerspectivesCurriculum focused on broadening students’ minds/perspectives and to foster respect, tolerance, and acceptance among peers and others in the community.Pacific$1,200Dani Ehrhard587
Sunshine CrewStudent led inclusion efforts on the playground$280Nanci Schnebly30+
Changing PerspectivesCurriculum focused on broadening students’ minds/perspectives and to foster respect, tolerance, and acceptance among peers and others in the community.Meadows$1,700Heather Tuttle428
International DayInternational Day is the work of International families in our district. Their goal is to share their culture with the rest of the district through food and games. This has become a significant district event. Last year about 500 people attended.District$3,200Lisa Tanita500+
CAAM Field Trip5th graders will take a trip to the California African American Museum where they will have a guide/docent.  Additionally, curriculum will be integrated before and after the field trip to allow for discussion and reflection.Meadows$1,780Nicole Alexander75
Celebration of DiversityA celebration of the many ways our community is diverse. There will be 20 tables that the community will create offering games, information, and food.Pacific$700Simin BahramiAll Students
A Day In My Shoesincorporation of “A Day in My Shoes” activities at the Skechers booth (i.e. looking through blurry/foggy glasses), and a Tent for students with special needs to access if they need a break from the high energy of the overall event.District$3,000Monica Ford2500
Jai JadatRedondo Performing Arts Center EventGrand View / District$1,500Nancy Doyle1300
Reading for ChangeLibrary program that encourages students to read books that teach inclusion.  Books will be purchased and promoted to teachers for classroom curriculum and to students as part of an inclusion reading program.Meadows$2,584Aisha Qaasim-Davila450
Total  $20,222 4250