The Innovation Grant Program for teachers and counselors encourages our educators to expand beyond standard practice and enhance student learning. Each grant ($250-$5,000) provides our educators with an opportunity to exercise their passion for teaching, develop ideas, collaborate with colleagues, and connect with the wealth of knowledge, expertise and talent within MBUSD. Past grants include the launching of a weather balloon, alternative classroom seating, and the building of a solar powered boat.

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2021-22 Innovation Grant Awards

Funded Grants:

Grant Title Award Approved School Grade Description
Inspiration through Exploration in the World of STEM $507 Pennekamp TK-3 Program to enrich the education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students from TK-3rd grade through hands-on activities and interactive experiences to spark their interest in STEM
Surfin’ the STEAM Wave $1,200 Pacific K Access to materials for kindergartners that will allow them to explore both STEAM activities and common core mathematics and NGSS standards
Sensory Bin Exploration for SEL $635 Pennekamp 1 Materials to create classroom STEAM bins that students can explore to support and stimulate their social and emotional growth
Wellness Wednesday: Social Emotional Learning and Art Therapy $3,000 Pacific 1 Program designed to teach Social Emotional Learning concepts through read-aloud books and art to equip students with tools to develop healthy identities, build positive relationships with peers and adults, and make responsible and caring decisions.
Engineering, Education & Enrichment Access $850 Pacific 4-5 Technology to create new advanced challenges for teaching NGSS engineering standards specifically to 4th and 5th grade students
Science-ing Around with Microscopes! $2,306 MBMS 6 Essential equipment to enhance teaching Life Science studies in 6th grade and better meet NGSS science standards and support inquiry based learning
Favorite Book Day $1,250 MBMS 6-8 Teachers share their favorite books with students to inspire them to read diverse literature to grow their awareness to the world around them
Stencil Art & Design $996 MCHS 9-12 Program that inspires students to learn a new artistic process of stenciling to create original artwork that connects to a social issue they are passionate about
3D Fabrication Enhancement $1,000 MCHS 9-12 Materials for 3D fabrication projects to create an advanced level and further educate students in this new form of technology