The TDI Grant Program for teachers and counselors encourages our educators to expand beyond standard practice and enhance student learning. Each TDI grant ($250-$6,000) provides our educators with an opportunity to exercise their passion for teaching, develop ideas, collaborate with colleagues, and connect with the wealth of knowledge, expertise and talent within MBUSD. Past TDI grants include the launching of a weather balloon, alternative classroom seating, and the building of a solar powered boat. Applications will be accepted through November 1, 2018.

Download 2018-19 Teachers Driving Innovation Grant Application here.

2017/18 TDI Grant Recipients

Grant Title Description School Amount Approved Lead Grantee
Alternate Schedules Collaboration Project Determine common goals, develop criteria and explore alternative high school bell schedules. MCHS $2,480 Jonathon Westerberg
Ancient Historical Figure Project Bare Book Provide students with opportunity to research, write and present on an ancient figure in history. MBMS $178 Natalie Herringshaw
Authentic Text In the World Language Classroom Use authentic, comprehensible and age-appropriate reading materials in Spanish and French. MBMS $1,150 Elizabeth Laffoon
Coding With The Developing Brain In Mind Integrate a hands-on, kinesthetic, collaborative approach to coding using Bloxels and Osmo. Robinson $4,890 Lisa Tanita
Counting Collections Lending Library Provide opportunities for understanding numbers in real context. Pennekamp $1,932 Suzanne Tynan
Drone Curriculum Development And Technology Club Give both teachers and students with experiences in the emmerging drone skills. MCHS $5,000 Ollie Smith
Harry Potter Week Spark and encourage a love of reading. MBMS $3,000 Dana Vaccaro
Makerspace And FabLab Unite! Learn best practices to enhance districtwide programs, such as MakerSpace and FabLab. MBMS $5,000 Jason Marshall
Makey Makey Provide innovative expansive of coding knowledge and practice. MCHS $1,000 Leanne Weaver
Printmaking Introduce the art of printmaking to all MCHS art classes. MCHS $2,704 Kate Heredia
Thinking About YOU, Thinking About ME Enhance social competencies to better connect with others. Pacific $1,921 Katelyn Quach
Total Funding $29,255