We’d like to express our profound gratitude to everyone who has contributed to MBEF’s 2022/23 Annual Appeal.  Please note that Annual Appeal donors at all levels will be recognized in our printed Annual Report and Honor Roll. Your participation helps MBEF fund and advocate for a well-rounded, hands-on education that sparks creativity and emboldens every student’s enthusiasm for learning. Thank you!

This list reflects donations as of 9/26/2022.

INNOVATORS ($15,000+)
Lydia and Michael King
Ania Borysiewicz and John Mistler

BENEFACTORS ($10,000+)
Anonymous (1)
Tisha and Charles Anderson
Jen and Bill Cram
Jennifer and Christopher Fenton
Stacey and John Fundingsland
Theresa and David Gendron
Dana and Greg Hartmann
Hirshberg Family
Trisha and Michael Husson
Monica and Vivek Khurana
Monika and Aaron Mugg
Shannon and Robert Nicholson
Amy and Stewart Thompson

STEWARDS ($8,000+)
Lana Choi and Kurt Decko
Kaley Doherty
Angela and Christopher Jones
Jessica and Bryan LaCour
Sarah and Brandon Matloff
Brenda and Nathan Pingelton
Colleen and CJ Pipkin
Tara and Scott Sorensen
Limor and Dave Vidor
Jennifer and Bryan Yee

LEADERS ($6,000+)
Anonymous (2)
Amezquita Family
Lisa Bennett
Lauren and Erik Benny
Bhatia Family
Emily and Mike Brunick
Chrissie and Harrison Clay
Kelly and Christian de Virgilio
Natasha and Robert Derow
Erin Spaulding and Juergen Dold
Haruko and Gordon Froeb
Monica and Xavier Gentzschein
Sylvia and Jonathan Hastanan
Puneet and Komal Kapoor
Julia and John Kennard
Kenia and Sam Khavari
Romina and Jeffrey Manson
Shivani and Raj Mehrotra
Marissa and Ben Messer
Valerie and Paul Mellinger
Nicole and Kevin Pacourek
Tiffany and Dave Quick
Jennifer and Seth Rementer
Jenn and Jeff Remillard
Rachel Henderson and Douglas Rusnack
Lisa Valde and Paul Severin
Mojgan Vakili and Paul Shaheen
Tory and Colin Shaughnessy
Starling Family
Mandy and Mylan Stepanovich
Alyse and Erik Stranberg
Tina and Mel Tang
Jessica and Stuart Waldman
Alexa and Matt Young
Carrie Wambach and Bill Zotti

ADVOCATES ($4,000+)
Anonymous (2)
Reshma and Rahul Aggarwal
Rachel and Christopher Alexander
Nicole and Kevin Armstrong
Emily and Matt Arneson
Lara and Kyle Bender
Hayley and Clay Blockley
Heather and Alex Bobo
Shannon and Terry Boyle
Gabriel Brakin
Nicole and Dan Brozost
Maria Crisanta Castro and Justin Naoe
Faye and Todd Cavanaugh
Elizabeth Park and Jack Cheng
Erin and Brian Coppola
Dani and Tom Cotton
Cunningham Family
Angela and Malcolm Davies
Stephanie and Ori Dugary
Dunbar Family
Christy and Mike Fach
Christie Ly and Bruce Feldman
Christy and Jacob Feldman
Hayes Family
Flosse Family
Jun and Tim Fogaren
Denise Kwok and Roy Fu
Jennifer and Michael Gale
Susan and Judd Gilefsky
Kathryn and Jon Goulding
Grayver Family
Linda and Benjamin Green
Amanda and Heath Gregory
Catherine Gunther and Alistair Farquharson
Holly Masel and Chris Handman
Hanlon Family
Megan Gong and Matthew Harris
Heather and Jason Hearne
Tracie and Brian Held
Annie and Jonathan Hendrickson
Hoffer Family
Jordan and Brad Holtmeier
Wendy and Brian Huang
Jenny and Paul Huang
Karen and Jim Hunt
Julieta and Roberto Isaias Zanatta
Lisa and Jimmy Jewell
Kate and Britt Joyce
Naomi and Sascha Kaeser
Kari and Nikhil Kansal
Michelle and Kevin Kao
Nicole Wong-Chong and Brian Khoddam
Linda and Michael Kirton
Shana and Craig Kish
Chiaki and Aaron Klapper
Karen and Bob Knapp
Melissa and Jeff Koskinen
Amanda and Mark Kresser
Alice Kuo and John Chang
Monica and Christopher Lachance
Leslie and Michael Lee
Jane and Michael Lee
Mariya and Matt Levy
Julie Wilner and Ben Lewis
Erica and Randy Lewis
Sharon and Steve Lewis
Jamie and Matt Lipson
Lupton Family
Cheryl and Brendan Lynch
Shelly and James Malone
Maria and Patrick Maloney
Ai Yaegashi and Sam Mannan
Sweta and Sonal Matai
Vanessa and Ricardo Mazry
Laura and Brian McDonnell
Michelle and George McNee
Mokhtari Family
Leopard Family
Alexandra and Joshua Newell
Lynn and Steve Noh
Karen and Daniel Novotny
Nurre Family
Catherine and James Oh
Alison and David Orkin
Kate and Mike Orroth
Sally and Jason Peel
Kate and Nicholas Pennino
Genevieve and Jose Perez
Jessamyn and Nathan Piehl
Prelle Family
Kiran and Jateen Prema
Tricia and Eric Pritz
Erin and Stu Purdy
Patrice and Andy Radden
Iris and Chris Reekie
Maria and Justin Reese
Jaime and Ian Reichbach
Jennifer and Adam Reiss
Jennifer and Russell Reyes
Roenick Family
Caneel and Roy Rosenthal
Darlene and Jeff Sammon
Jennifer and Jason Shamaly
Erica and Michael Siegel
Sandesha and Kapil Singh
Angie and Jared Smith
Kimberly and Justin Solomon
Amy Walser and Dylan Standish
Whitney and Daniel Stephenson
Sterngold Family
Stephanie and Benjamin Stewart
Emily and Matthew Stratton
Anne and Jeff Suh
Ronnie and Adam Sullins
Vanessa and Michael Sullivan
Tina and Jimmy Suruki
Nicole and Scott Swenson
Jessica Kusmana and Mark Tang
Taubman Family
Martha and Russell Tipper
Amy and David Traughber
Jennifer and Eric Van Fossen
Jessica and Glenn Vanzura
Simone and Maurice Voskuilen
Nicole and Michael Wachell
Fara and Steve Weiner
Wysh and Dan Weinstein
Danielle and Zachary Weiss
Jacqueline and Matt Wheeler
Erika Drouse and Ian White
Kathryn and Scott Withycombe
Adam Wolfson
Tiffany and Hans Yang
Bea and Larry Zimbalist
Rachel and Josh Zuckerwise

PATRONS ($2,000+)
Anonymous (7)
Les Allan
Holly McPeak and Leonard Armato
Kailee and Terence Balagia
Selale Tuzel and Murat Bayiz
Maira Wenzel and Marcelo Bellinaso
Whitney Berry
Maryl and Dave Binney
Kelly and Bill Bloodgood
Kim and Cletus Bradley
Andrea and Cory Brennan
Keren and Eddy Carvajal
Betsy and Scott Castle
Linda Lai and Gene Cheng
Jane and Joseph Cho
Camille Clifford
Liz Cook
Lilia Couture
Kimberly and Christopher Crisera
Heather and Dirk de Roos
Richie Dimalanta
Patricia and David Doumeng
Sherry and Greg Dyer
Ashley and Casey Edgar
Melissa and Benjamin Eyer
Carolyn and Mark Francisco
Ariel and Anda Garcia
Yumiko and Jason Geiger
Robin and Grant Geisen

PATRONS ($2,000+) cont.
Jennifer Gerjarusak
Gerken Family
Andrea and Greg Golovko
Cathey and Tim Graves
Michelle and Jonathan Gray
Greene Family
Priya and Prakash Gupta
Kelly and George Randy Hamilton
Ryan Harris
Zachary Harrison
Matt Haydis
Kara and David Henschel
Araceli Hogan
Gianna and Rick Ingram
Debbie Gezon and Doug Jacobs
Kathleen Paralusz and Brad Jacobson
Joan To and Walter Jefferson
Laura and Christopher Jenks
Anna Bargagliotti and Joseph Johnson
Tania and Jack Kappe
Benjamin and Venus Karabell
Karambelas Family
Susie and Dr. Scott Kim
Kraines Family
Andrew Kwasnowski
Jiyeon and Andrew Kwon
Caroline Burrell and Don La Londe
Anica and Duane Lamkin
Achara and Timothy Lertsmitivanta
Tracy and Eddie Lewis
Jennifer and Brett Lightner
Sibil and Tim Lin
Meredith and Gary Lipsky
and Amanda Lombardo
Shannon Anderson and Ryan Lubner
Tracy and James Lundie
Emily and George Macias
Hava and Jason Manasse
Suzy and Jonah Manning
Lisa Benacquista and Paolo Marescalchi
Melissa and Donald Martin
Julie Prussack and Marc Masters
Maynard Family
Kristen and Pete Meyers
Donna Miller
Noureen and Ryan Miller
Toni and Scott Mueller
Koji Mukae
Hannah Mulderink
Jane and Alden Munson
Hilarie Murad
Cameron and Christy Myronowicz
Julie and Ihor Nadberezny
Corey and Jeff Newman
Pamela Kunath and Michael Niborski
Daraporn Tanpattana and Paul Nimitsilpa
Sharon and Sean O’Leary
Melissa Ortega Zelada
Ellen and Benjamin Padnos
Iris and Sagi Paul
Pazzia Family
Katie and Brian Pincus
Melanie and Charles Porter
Monique Fleming and Joe Priester
Katie and Jason Ranne
Ashley and Kevin Ritter
Roberts Family
Rocco Family
Tanya and David Rodriguez
Julie and Brian Romias
Monique and Derek Roth
Viktoria and Edward Salcedo
Deborah and Anthony Salvaggio
Sampson Family
Stephanie and David Schroeder
Azin and Amar Shah
Neerav Shah
Danielle and Lorin Shamos
Jessica and Jeffrey Shepard
Ralph Simmons
Skaar Family
Luciana Solinger Sapienza
April Mcgrath and Lee Sparer
Flora Molina and Christopher Spicer
Kelly Sprick and Brian Gagne
Judy and Erick Stella
Leah and Cory Stigile
Rebecca Foster and Jonathan Straub
Lisa and Michael Tan
Lisa and Joshua Taub
Catherine Chen and Alex Teneyck
Kimi and Michael Thompson
Dina Treyger
Marin and Taylor Turney
Esther and Danny Valoy
Jennifer Vaux
Andrea and Chris Wang
Shannon and Michael Williams
Sudi and Omid Yazdi
Jason Yoo

PARTNERS ($500+)
Anonymous (6)
Michelle and Amin Aguero
Margie and Randy Beck
Kristi and Jeff Benjenk
Mr. Paul Beswick
Christina Broome
Brian Buchhagen
Gillian and John Cato
Kathi and Perry Colligan
Crista and Christopher Cordeiro
Kevin Covert
Katie and Andy Curtis
Dina and Gregory Doll
Eichner Family
Andrea and Amir Fouladgar
Daniel Glober
Liz and Vitaly Glozman
Heather and Rick Grandy
Heise Family
Emma and Michael Jacobson
Valerie Minor Johnson and David Johnson
Vivian and Matthew Kelly
Caroline and Lorcan Kilmartin
Emily Hsu and Gabriel Kim
Ivana and Brian Kirkbride
Loren and Larry Kosmont
Catherine and Kevin Kramer
Katherine and Steve Lin
Anneka Sakovich Lopopolo and Gerald Lopopolo
Kristen Lukas
Cynthia and Jaime Marian
Karissa and Todd Marsh
Kurt and Nicole McClelland
Rebecca and Kevin Mendelson
Nabili Family
Hanley and Jennifer Peterson
Michelle and Stevan Porter
Brandi and Albert Samuelian
Shields Family
Sabine and Tim Stickelbrucks
Megan Stokke
Shani and Matthew Thome
Ustick Family
Michelle and Simon Waters
Heather Wilcox
Audra Williams
Christina and Jared Work
Doerte and Jim Zeutzius
Maple and Jing Zhang

FRIENDS (Below $499)
Anonymous (13)
Mona and Afshin Afrashteh
Bradleigh and Jesus Aranda
Shosannah Bacura
Ashley Choi Bak and Jimmy Bak
Lindsy and James Baldwin
Alexandra Beers and Richard Warren
Sarah and Brian Beran
Tiffanie and Gregory Bierer
Leah and Brad Bohl
Christine and Peter Boyd
Rachel Delgado and James Brennan
Yvonne Co
Christina and Kirk Cole
Hilary Rosen and Christopher Combs
Heather and Chris Conaway
Karlo and Devon Cordova
Mary Cruz
Jen and Kevin Davis
Greta and Scott Dever
Lolly Enriquez and Dennis Ortiz-Luis
Eleanor B. Eskey
Heather Fielding
Bob Fielding
Jia and Danny Fong
Kate and Todd Franke
Jennifer and Michael Friedlander
Angela Glassman
Irene Gonzalez-Castillo
Kelly and Ryan Gordon
Jennifer and Rob Greene
Sok and Benjamin Grubbs
Kelly Haley
Lauren and Tyler Hathaway
Cheryl and Michael Hauck
Jamie Eng and Jeff Holland
Hugh Jackson
Amy Jensen
Sarah Keasler
Keskinel Family
and Cecilia Kim
Jennifer and Steve Kim
Danielle and Matt Klafter
Jennifer and Kregg Koch
Grant Kreft
Jennifer Kim and James Lambert
Richard and Natalie Lee
Carey and Greg Lesser
Lisa and Chris Locke
Natasha and Michael Macdonald
Amy and Jason MacMaster
Lindsay and Miguel Marco
Marianne and Coby McDonald
Haley and Kanan Mehren
Greg Miller
Andrea and Brendan Murphy
Heidi and Erik Nelson
Katherine and Conor Neu
Teresa and Brian Nielsen
Beth and Aaron Orozco
Martha Ann and Andrew Pavoni
Phillips Family
Pliaconis Family
Kristen and Bob Roath
Loretta Salinas-Ian
Joie and Schoenecker
Inna and David Schwartz
Shabnam Shahriari
Sharon and Gary Shambaugh
Simine and Andrew Shevin
Toni and John Silvas
Heidi and Steve Snively
Christie and Jeff Stargardter
Laurie and Benjamin Stern
Isabelle Brousseau and Ryan Taylor
Janelle and Chris Tomongin
Christie and Stephan Tran
Sharon Jakus-Waldman and David Waldman
Heidi and Jim Walsh
Heather and Scott Willman
Amanda and Ben Wyatt

Bold: 5+ Consecutive Years of Giving