We’d like to express our profound gratitude to everyone who has contributed to MBEF’s 2021/22 Annual Appeal. We’d like to recognize families who’ve contributed $6,000 or more, and please note that Annual Appeal donors at all levels will be recognized in our printed Annual Report and Honor Roll. Your participation helps MBEF fund and advocate for a well-rounded, hands-on education that sparks creativity and emboldens every student’s enthusiasm for learning. Thank you!

This list reflects donations as of 6/30/2022.

Anonymous (16)
Abraham Family
Albelda Family
Carol and Michael Amir
Tisha and Charles Anderson
Yujin and Curtis Anderson
Lilette and David Ballantine
Andrea and Jeffrey Barker
Shilpa Baweja
Jamie and Misha Bedner
Lisa Bennett
Bernardi Family
Bhatia Family
Natalie and Kevin Bjelajac
Christina Bjornstrom
Laura Thiers and Charles Boettcher
Emily and Mike Brunick
Erica and Rob Buxton
Jennifer and Steven Camacho
Joanna and Jason Cardema
Becky and Chris Casanega
Loren Nguyen and Victor Castillo
Alice Kuo and John Chang
Via and Kenny Chang
Chapin Family
Sheena and Ankush Chhabra
Michelle and Mark Childs
Jen and Bill Cram
Shirley and Jeremy Cramer
Jenine and Brett Cravatt
Kathryn and Tim Crawmer
Christine Cronin-Hurst and Mark Hurst
Cunningham Family
Heather and Brett Dallas
Darrow Family
Katie and Brad David
Margaret and Martin Dehler
Natasha and Robert Derow
Kristie Daniel-DiGregorio and Gino DiGregorio
Erin Spaulding and Juergen Dold
Donlevy Family
Katie and Keenan Driscoll
Jennifer and Christopher Fenton
Lisa and Daniel Fetters
Christina and David Finlay
Jania and Alan Fox
Bethany and Kelsey Francis
Amy and Benjamin Friedberg
Kimberly and Matthew Friesl
Haruko and Gordon Froeb
Stacey and John Fundingsland
Shilpa Baweja and Raj Ganguly
Theresa and David Gendron
Vanessa Camelo and Dean Gray
Linda and Benjamin Green
Greenberg Family
Debra Lotstein and Bruce Greenspon
Katie Gunther and Alistair Farquharson
Amanda and Heath Gregory
Gustafson Family
Dana and Greg Hartmann
Sylvia and Jonathan Hastanan
Jolyn and Brett Henry
Taryn and Van Hess
Hirshberg Family
Jennifer Pham-Hott and Douglas Hott
Kim and Aaron Howe
Shannon Ward and Cameron Hull
Joanne and Jim Hunter
Christine Cronin-Hurst and Mark Hurst
Trisha and Michael Husson
Karen and Ted Iantuono
Julieta and Roberto Isaias Zanatta
Katie and Brett Johnson
Angela and Christopher Jones
Kimberly and Robert Jones
Jennifer Hodulik and Andrew Jurkowski
Maile and Colin Kaiser
Emily and Ryan Kaplan
Monica and Gary Kelly
Melinda and Peter T. Kendall
Julia and John Kennard
Ella and Phil Kenney
Kenia and Sam Khavari
Monica and Vivek Khurana
Melissa and Terrence Kim
Corinne and Edward King
Kraines Family
Miti Patel and Donald Kwak
Jessica and Bryan LaCour
Izumi and Mark LaRoque
Jennifer and Neil Laws
Sarah and Jason Lefton

Caroline McKenzie and Michael Leo
Melissa Capin-Lewis and David Lewis
Peggy and Dave Lin
Julie and Mark Linnecke
Marlene and Michael Lombardo
Monique and Michael Lotze
Lily Fong and Aaron Lowenberg
Pamela and Matthew Luce
Patricia and Richard Lucy
Lupton Family
Cheryl and Brendan Lynch
Hilary and Rob Mahan
Malik Family
Christine and Nicholas Matthews
Matt and Nora McCormack
Julie and Jon McElvain
Emily and Stephen McGee
Vivien Chang and Travis McIntosh
Kelly and Sam McKendry
Erin and Sanjeev Mehta
Christina Bjornstrom and Choukri Mekkaoui
Valerie and Paul Mellinger
Marissa and Ben Messer
Sandra and Tim Meyer
Ania Borysiewicz and John Mistler
Mokhtari Family
Virginia and Andy Moore
Kelly and Edward Moyzes
Monika and Aaron Mugg
Maria Crisanta Castro and Justin Naoe
Shannon and Robert Nicholson
Elisa and Shane Nickerson
Catherine and James Oh
Lisa and Chad O’Hara
Kate and Mike Orroth
Angela and Kenneth Otstot
Lisa and Lawrence Ou
Melissa and Trent Overholt
Ellen and Benjamin Padnos
Sonal and Shailendra Panchal
Krisa and Jeromie Park
Chris and Michal Pasula
Bonna and Amit Patel
Meg and Dom Perella
Jessica and Joshua Pianko
Brenda and Nathan Pingelton
Colleen and CJ Pipkin
Susan and Todd Purdy
Jennifer and Seth Rementer
Taleene and Spencer Rose
Caneel and Roy Rosenthal
Alison and Scott Rosenthal
Heidi and Greg Roth
Neeraj and Sam Rotondo
Schlehuber Family
Emilie and Steve Schroeder
Donne and James Segil
Dora and Jon Seiffer
Peir and Jeff Serota
Lisa Valde and Paul Severin
Tory and Colin Shaughnessy
Summer and Tom Sheets
Jessica and Jon Slusser
Tara and Scott Sorensen
Shauna and Michael Spenley
Starling Family
Alyse and Erik Stranberg
Ronnie and Adam Sullins
Celine and Matt Tevenan
Hansni and Praveen Thadhani
The Whimsie Fund
Amy and Stewart Thompson
Thi Do and Nhat Tran
Stephanie and Sean Tretiak
Christine Ngo and Dat Trieu
Joy Higa and Chris Tuffli
Jennifer and Eric Van Fossen
Lena and Bryan Vann
Limor and Dave Vidor
Anita Isanto and Pieter Viljoen
Jessica and Stuart Waldman
Eliza and Justin Wan
Caroline and Mark Wilhelm
Michele and Brett Willberg
William M. Keck, Jr. Foundation
Windsong Trust
Peggy and Eric Woon
Jennifer and Bryan Yee
Joanne and Christopher Young
Alexa and Matt Young
Janette and Jordan Yu
Mandana Vossoughi and Amirhossein Zangiabadi