MBEF’s Annual Appeal is our most important fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $5.2 million in the 2019-20 school year. The Appeal begins late August as the school year commences and runs through February 7th, 2020. There is no question that our schools and students excel because we have an engaged community of parents, business leaders, educators and neighbors that are willing to invest in our children’s education and future. Our work together continues, year after year, as we strive to build a foundation of excellence throughout our district.

Why Private dollars?
Over three decades ago, the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF) was founded by a group of parents committed to strengthening our public schools. At a time when school funding was at an all-time low, private donations became imperative to providing a quality education for our children. Unlike other states where counties decide how much to allocate to education, legal rulings in the 1980s shifted per pupil funding to the state level in California. This significantly impacted our District by limiting our ability to manage how property taxes would benefit education. California education funding remains among the lowest in the country, and MBUSD is among the lowest in the state. MBEF is critical to sustaining the quality of our public schools.

The Distinction between MBEF and the PTA

The Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF) partners with the Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) at each site to help ensure that the needs of our students and teachers are met to provide a quality, well-rounded education. In Manhattan Beach, our needs are augmented by limited funding from the state, making this partnership essential for keeping our schools strong.

MBEF supports our schools by funding educators and programs that inspire learning, enrich teaching, and promote innovation and academic excellence districtwide. These grants include MakerSpace, PE Teachers, Music Teachers, Librarians, Counselors, Science Specialists, STEM Electives, and Teacher-Leaders in Core Subjects like Math, Science, Reading and Writing, to name just a few.

Each PTA raises funds to pay for materials, events, supplies and small programs specific to each school site. As an example, while MBEF funds the Science Specialist at each elementary school, the PTA funds the supplies for the lab. MBEF funds PE teachers across our 5 elementary schools, while the PTA pays for PE equipment. MBEF ensures there is a Librarian in the library, while the PTA pays for the books. For a detailed explanation of MBEF’s investment in our schools, please see the graph below.

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