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The robust opportunities in our Manhattan Beach schools are a direct result of the investment of parents in the MBEF Annual Appeal each year. Please consider donating the $2,000 ASK per student. While every donation is appreciated, the support of MBEF educator positions and programs is dependent upon the majority of families meeting the ASK.

Every donation is tax-deductible and 100% is directed towards the MBEF Grants in Schools for the coming year. The viability of all grants is dependent upon reaching the $5 Million Annual Appeal Goal.

There are several ways to commit to excellence in education through MBEF – choose the one right for you.

Thank you to the 2023-24 Annual Appeal Donors who have invested in our schools with a donation or pledge towards the annual goal of $5 Million. Programs and educator positions funded by donations to MBEF are dependent on this annual commitment from families.

Your investment has a tremendous impact on teaching and learning in our schools!