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Public Schools, Why Private Donations?

Your Donations, Not Property Taxes, Keep our Schools Strong California isn’t like other states that allow counties to set property taxes to fund the kind of schools residents want. California’s Prop 13 reduced property taxes and took away a school district’s ability to tax its community for schools. Today the state establishes school funding levels…. Read more »

Local Control Funding Formula: How Does It Add Up for MBUSD

By Hilary Mahan, MBEF Board Member Most parents within the district are aware that funding for education within the state has dramatically changed recently. But whether it is clear how it all works is another story. In July of 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) into law, the most significant… Read more »

Donate Stock to Double Up on Tax Benefits

By Charles Boettcher, MBUSD Parent As a father of two children in the MB school district, two children that greatly benefit from the tremendous support MBEF provides to our schools, I am happy to support the foundation each year. Most of us do so with cash, either writing a check, or using a credit card…. Read more »

The Power of Exceptional Teaching

By Farnaz Golshani Flechner, MBEF Executive Director Most of us can remember a teacher that inspired us, helped us, taught us to love learning, and maybe led us to the path we are on today. I remember mine vividly. She was my tenth grade English teacher, Carol Jago, and she had the remarkable ability to… Read more »

UCLA’s Center X – Examining the Core of Mathematics

By Hilary Mahan, MBEF Board Member In response to feedback from the community last year, the MBEF Grants Committee dedicated a portion of the 2014/2015 grants to the District’s secondary math program. With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the need for a District-wide strategy became even more imperative. In addition to… Read more »

Get Your Children Hooked for the STEM (or STEAM!) Jobs of the Future

By Leanne Huebner, MBEF Board Member First in a series of two articles looking at STEM Education In a recent MBEF survey, 78% of Manhattan Beach parents and a majority of teachers said that they would like our District to prioritize the implementation of STEM/STEAM education in our schools, ranking this discipline as the top priority for… Read more »

TOP DONORS – $5,000 and Above

MBEF Salutes: MBEF is truly grateful for the generosity of its donors, especially the following families who have donated $5,000 or more to our current Annual Appeal. This list reflects donations as of 3/3/2015. Sarah and Bobby Akin Melinda and Eric Arentsen Joseph Argilagos Kami and James Armstrong Lillette and David Ballantine Peter Barbara &… Read more »

Common Core for the Not-So-Common

by Hilary Mahan “The K-12 Common Core State Standards represent a major advance in standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts. They are grounded in evidence about what it takes for high school graduates to be ready for college and careers and build on the finest state and international standards. Importantly, they provide a clear… Read more »

Underage Drug and Alcohol Use – You Make the Difference

By Hilary Mahan According to the recently released California Healthy Kids Survey, 29% of 11th graders and 9% of 9th graders surveyed in Manhattan Beach have binge drunk (consuming more than 4-5 drinks in about two hours) in the last 30 days. It is widely accepted that drugs and alcohol present a tremendous threat to… Read more »