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Oh, The Places They Have Gone! MBEF’s 30 Under 30

By January 13, 2014eNews

19.  Proving What Is Possible in Low Income Schools


hadleyWhile studying at the University of Washington in Seattle, Hadley Huberman, MC’06, found time to volunteer in a low income preschool.  The experience impacted her so much she took two years to Teach for America in Southeast LA while simultaneously obtaining her Master’s in Urban Education Policy at Loyola Marymount University in 2012.  For the last two years, she’s been working for a brand new KIPP School in Huntington Park.  Last year, this particular school received a top-notch API score of 978 in its first year of taking the test – which is right up there with the results of MB schools.  She’s been asked to develop the inaugural third grade curriculum for the thriving charter school.   “After four amazing years working with low income students, I can’t imagine leaving education,” shares Hadley.  Someday she hopes to pursue administration and policy roles.




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